The IBAWOOD process

We earn our reputation during time because of our high quality and custom made products.
We were able to accomplishe all this things because since from the wood logs and to the final product, everything is fully manufactured in our factory.

See our entire process below

Cum se fabrica

Alegere busteni

Alegem bustenii potriviti pentru proiectul ce urmeaza a fi realizat.

Debitare lemn

Debitam lemnul utilizand tehnologie moderna, obtinand astfel eficienta maxima.

Uscare lemn

Uscam lemnul in spatii special destinate acestei operatiuni.

Prelucrare lemn

Avand o experienta notabila in reconditionarea mobilierului vechi, prelucram lemnul cu meticulozitate si precizie.

Produs final

Produsul final este evaluat din punct de vedere al calitatii si pregatit pentru livrare.



Andrei - Brasov

"Recomand produsele IBAWOOD atat pentru calitatea lor, cat si pentru faptul ca totul se realizeaza in fabrica lor. Am intalnit o echipa pasionata de ceea ce fac iar acest lucru se reflecta in calitatea produselor."
Andrei - Brasov

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Historical monuments restoration

Restaurare monumente istorice

NEW! We offer professional historical monuments restoration services.
Even from the beginning, our company was a trailblazer, beeing one of the first companies producing furniture, and even more, providing restoration of old furniture services.
Considering all of this facts and beeing always concerned about protecting and preserving, we diversify our services to historical monuments restoration. We have the expertise that we need in order to embrace any new challege regarding historical monuments restoration.